The Secrets of how to remove acrylic nails at home

When the acrylic nails have passed their use-by date, then they become ragged and broken and finishing less from the corners. This indicates that your nails are requiring removal to make your original nail free. But already acrylic nails need much money to have them applied at the salon and when it comes removal time it means spending time again on nails and those nails which are broken now. So, here is the direction that how to remove acrylic nails at home.

how to remove acrylic nails at home

That’s so easy, exciting and time saving, besides all it will cost you a fraction of the charge that will take by the salon. Though it is an easy procedure yet you will have to arrange some things to get your acrylics remove and once you learn how to remove acrylic nails at home, you will be doing it and telling it to your every friend.

The articles you will be needed:

Clippers:  to cut the edges- extra edges or tips of the nails.

Hand cream- to make your hands’ skin smooth.

Towel– to make your hands dry.

Acetone solution- to make your nails removed quickly.

A bowel- to prepare the solution.

Find a space where you can comfortably as you are going to sit over there for half an hour at least. Cover your table and area to make all the things sure and to happen wrong way.

Start your method:

Now take a start by having clipper first. Cut the extra tips of the nails and then remove the nail polish to make your way clear. The nail polish remover is easily available in a market. When your nails become transparent now start the acetone method.

You know how to remove acrylic nails at home is all about soaking your nails in the acetone now. The time will take by acetone, and the work is now on the shoulders f acetone to get it done for you. So dip your fingertips only in the acetone and keep them in it for twenty minutes or more. The acrylic will dissolve your nail, or it will just lose the nail and free your original nail.

After the 30 minutes take your hands out and then rub your nails with force by having cotton or towel in your another hand. It will be removed. If in case, it does not remove just dip your hands again in the solution and wait for five minutes or to ten minutes more. Rub again and these will be loosened and separated.

Now wash your hands thoroughly with cold water and dry your hands. Free your hands for sometimes and when it dry completely and out of moisture then apply cream to your hand. The long process will make your skin rough so, after moisturizing it will be fine again.

So, how to remove acrylic nails at home is a short and easy procedure for you that you can learn at a fast pace and can implement while remaining at home and saving your money as well.

A Guide To How To Take Off Acrylic Nails With Acetone At Any Age

It’s not that tough that we used to understand that it is a very difficult and need many skills to take off acrylic nails. You just need once to get know how to take off acrylic nails with acetone and that enough for you to get changed your nails and get the natural ones again.  Are you afraid of damage nails and have spent one month on the same acrylic nails? Then, it is the matter of worry for you. As soon as possible you must remove it.

How To Take Off Acrylic Nails With Acetone

Damaged nail bed:

There is one case I have seen in which girl does not care about her nails and just continuously refilled the acrylic which consequently ruins her natural nails. So, you should get your nails breathe and always change your nails after a month, and it will be much better if you change it soon. Moreover, let your nails free from even nail paint after removing the acrylic.

In some cases, acrylic start giving pain in nails this is the time and indication that your natural nail bed wants your nail free from artificial. Therefore, whenever you feel the pain, you must know how to take off acrylic nails with acetone as acetone is a fast removing method of acrylics.

Method 1: with acetone

Just buy the acetone bottle whether concentrated or dilute. It will be better if you buy the diluted one because it will be easy for you and your time will be saved from diluting it with the exact proportion of water. So, take a bowl in which nails can be drowned easily and then take a towel and five cotton pieces with you.

Firstly, rub alcohol on your nails with the help of cotton piece and then dip your nails into acetone. Here, good for you to cut the edges of a nail and then dip it.

Keep your hands in solution for 15 to 20 minutes and then take your nails out. Take the towel and just rub your nails with a force to remove it. Then if you see that a big part is still difficult to remove then again dip your nails and, this time, keep cotton pieces with you and just pour pure alcohol on it and place those onto your nails and just wrap a foil paper to avoid it dryness.

Remove this piece of cotton and it will go away with the cotton. After whole this procedure, you will surely think that it is so easy to learn how to take off acrylic nails with acetone.

The myth that acetone hurt your nails and cause skin irritation must leave your mind immediately after you read this that will only happen in the case where many girls make mistakes and take the pure acetone. Obviously, it is chemical and can burn your skin. You can also face acute disease, but once you dilute it, you will be safe from all the mishaps. Now, I believe you are well known about how to take off acrylic nails with acetone without any fear.

So, go and ready to remove it with yourself using acetone in a very safe manner.

Several heart catching styles of gold bracelets for women

Stylish gold women have always been the first priority of women to buy when they decide to buy the jewelry. What makes it special is the gold. When anything you love and then it comes in the shape of gold you just cannot hide your excitement. It’s our goodness that we have the techniques to make the stylish fine and very delicate gold bracelets for women.

gold bracelets for women

Before going into the details, I want to clarify one thing here that bangles and bracelets are two different things. You know what many women do in order to wear bracelets? They make their bangles their bracelet. How they make it? We know that there is a type of bracelet that comes in the shape of bangle it’s like a circle and hard not a chain like. So, women wear one wide bangle in replacement of the bracelet. However, that does not look good at all.

It should not be done in this way. The bracelet and bangle are two different things hence, they should be treated differently. Let’s know how many types of bracelets are there.

There are several types of bracelets you must know about because later it will assist you in selecting the right kind of bracelet for you:

  1. Chain bracelets:

These are the bracelets having chain type structure. These kinds of bracelets are usually used by the teenage girls and contain a unique style to give out the delicate look. Women always try hard to find the one which is unique because it is the nature of women to find the one which is made one piece only and not available anywhere.

  1. Luxurious bracelets:

These luxurious bracelets you are thinking about that how they are luxurious? So they are because they made up of gold further they contains the gemstones, diamond and other precious crystal in its structure. These can be available in both wide and narrow chain-like formation. Generally, these are the one, which cannot be wearing casually. These precious things are to wear from time to tie when any formal event arrives.

  1. Charming bracelets:

They are popular due to their unbeatable style and constitution. These gold bracelets for women are casual and relaxed at the same time it made you feel easy with the accessory. You can carry this with an ultimate ease and these will give you extraordinary charm simultaneously keeping you the simple and decent. Add this into your daily routine without any prior thinking.

  1. Bangle-like bracelets:

The dramatic look can be achieved effortlessly by buying these. It can be worn every day as informal. Or it can be worn on the special events. Things make you unique when you choose the wisely. It is not necessary to have only one bangle bracelet but you can have one more besides this. These are restricted to the females who are 30+ because their age requires the maturity and simplicity and soberness yet stylish, intricate and personalized.

  1. Watch bracelets:

Simply visible from its name women who love to wear a watch and nothing else but now they are modifying their personality and want to have some unique and stylish look than they have the good option to go for the watch-like a bracelet. These are bit expensive but these are evergreen and unbeatable in style. Very few go for it. Hence, it is an open opportunity for you to get it!

These are numerous types of bracelets I hope you now are able to differentiate and can pick the best piece of jewelry. These gold bracelets for women make their hand’s look ultra charming, exceptional and distinctive.

Conclusively, the gold bracelets are not new they have been serving from ages to the purpose of beautifying the women wrist. Firstly, it was restricted to the name just a metal later in 3000 B.C it changed and get the position of accessory. Thus, the women who really can afford to have the gold jewelry must buy some bracelet. It also characterizes your standard and people treat you in the best way you deserve.

6 graceful prom hairstyles for short black hair

Prom is an important event for teenagers because they like fun and enjoy in that day. Prom hairstyles are one of the most widely discussed topics for everyone because when you have selected your prom dress, shoes and jewelry then it’s time to think about perfect hairstyle for the prom night. When you wear a beautiful and graceful hairstyle then it will easily grab the attention of other boys around you. It is necessary that your prom hairstyle must match your dress and accessories such make up or shoes or jewelry. You must consider wearing prom hairstyles for short black hair. These haircuts are often called as African American hairstyles. Some black women have curly hairs while others have shiny straight hair.

Always keep in mind you have to select the dress which should be comfortable for you and same is done with hairstyle as well. I would recommend going for easy choices rather complex haircuts which are difficult to manage at the event. You can take advice from your friends and family as well because they will suggest you good options. Here prom hairstyles for short black hair are being discussed in the lines below.

Razor Cut For Prom for short hair:

prom hairstyles for short black hair

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If you want to get an edgy look for the prom night then you must try short razor cut hairstyle for short hair. In this haircut you will have textured and pointed hair which creates a great hairstyle. You can rock the party with right selection of dress and make up. Adding little wax on your hair will make them set.

Cropped Haircut:


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Cropped haircut is one of the easiest haircuts for short hair and it is a sleek hairstyle which suits best on girls with short hair. In order to get a voluminous look you have to comb your hair against the sides of head to get more trendy and modern look.

Messy Bob Haircut for short hair:


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Bob haircut is again the easiest one and it has been in trend for short hair since long. It is a versatile haircut for the girls who have short hair and specialty of this cut is that it gives them a lot of styling options. You can hair wax to add some volume and texture to the entire look.

Mohawk Prom Hairstyles:


Image Source

Mohawk is a trendy haircut for women and it is a perfect haircut for short hair. If you are fed up with curly or simple hairstyles then try out this haircut and it will completely change your look and personality. This haircut will suit best with an inspiring dress and red lipstick. You will definitely catch the attention of people in the party.

Pixie Cut with Hair Accessories:


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If you already have a pixie haircut and prom season is coming then don’t worry about doing other hairstyles because you can enhance your look by adding little accessories to your pixie haircut and this will look amazing. Thinking that you are just limited to pixie cut is wrong because you make this hairstyle gorgeous with different colorful accessories matching with your dress.

Short Curly Hairstyle for Prom:


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It is a beautiful yet classy haircut which is perfect for the prom night. These are best prom hairstyles for short black hair because you can easily style your hair without any help from others. You can use hair serum to add shine to your hair and hairspray will complete your style for the prom night. Bangs will look beautiful on your face.

Coffee-mate: The Shocking caloric content About it

Have you ever give importance to the calories that included in the coffee mate? There are definitely some calories in coffee mate but according to me, calories totally depend on how much coffee you consume in a single day. Fortunately, I am really conscious of the calories in coffee mate but at the same time, I love my coffee that’s why I’m going to share with you the calorie content of coffee mate. Read on!

calories in coffee mate
People mostly don’t choose the coffee mate in their coffee is because of the sugar and calorie content in it. There are 40 calories in coffee mate per serving which can be further divided it in the 5 grams of sugar, 7 carbohydrates, and 1.5 total fat grams. This one could add a lot of extra fat and calories.

  • One coffee cup with the Addition of 2 Tbsp of Coffee-mate+ 1 Tbsp of Milk= 36 Cals
  • Two coffee cup with the Addition of 2 Tbsp of Coffee-mate+ 1 Tbsp of Milk= 52 Cals
  • Three coffee cup with the Addition of 2 Tbsp of Coffee-mate+ 1 Tbsp of Milk= 108 Cals
  • Four coffee cup with the Addition of 2 Tbsp of Coffee-mate+ 1 Tbsp of Milk= 144 Cals

Calories in liquid Coffee-mate;

  • One coffee cup with the Addition of 2 Tbsp of liquid Coffee-mate + 2 Tbsp of Milk= 51 Cals
  • Two coffee cup with the Addition of 2 Tbsp of liquid Coffee-mate + 2 Tbsp of Milk= 102 Cals
  • Three coffee cup with the Addition of 2 Tbsp of liquid Coffee-mate + 2 Tbsp of Milk= 153 Cals
  • Four coffee cup with the Addition of 2 Tbsp of liquid Coffee-mate + 2 Tbsp of Milk= 204 Cals

calories in coffee mate

Calories in Powdered Coffee-mate;

  • One coffee cup with the 2 teaspoons of Coffee-mate in a Powder form + 2 Tbsp of Milk= 26Cals
  • Two coffee cup with the 2 teaspoons of Coffee-mate in a Powder form + 2 Tbsp of Milk= 52Cals
  • Three coffee cup with the 2 teaspoons of Coffee-mate in a Powder form + 2 Tbsp of Milk= 78Cals
  • Four coffee cup with the 2 teaspoons of Coffee-mate in a Powder form + 2 Tbsp of Milk= 104Cals


Calories in Coffee-mate Powder French Vanilla Flavor;

One coffee cup with the 2 teaspoons of Powdered Coffee-mate in French Vanilla Flavor + 2 Tbsp of Milk= 76Cals
Two coffee cup with the 2 teaspoon Powdered Coffee-mate in French Vanilla Flavor + 2 Tbsp of Milk= 152Cals
Three coffee cup with the 2 teaspoons of Powdered Coffee-mate in French Vanilla Flavor + 2 Tbsp of Milk= 228Cals
Four coffee cup with the 2 teaspoons of Powdered Coffee-mate in French Vanilla Flavor + 2 Tbsp of Milk= 304Cals

To conclude, if you wish to maintain your weight, protect muscle but at the same time, you want to enjoy the coffee then go for the coffee mate because as compared to the coffee with sugar and milk calories in coffee mate are less.